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FIP, LLC experience along with our team approach, allow us to assess and offer you a wide-range of Income Streams. The key to our success is the expert credentials, experience and principled approach allow us to deliver on our promise of personalized service. We seek working with financial advisers whose clients desire income streams from, Pensions, Annuities and Structured Settlements.

Buyers can purchase income streams for a discounted present value lump sum payment to the owner of the income streams. Buyers will realize a rate of return above traditional fixed income options such as, immediate annuities, CDs, bonds, etc. We have a wide array of income streams to meet your clients personal financial goals.

Our process has many features to help protect buyers capital and reduce their risk. The purchase of monthly cash flows has risk. Please see our buyer package for our risk disclosures. Some income structures are qualified plan eligible.

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Buy Sell Annuity specialize in annuity buyouts and advances. Contact us today to get an annuity payout. Make your money work for you.
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Single Life Annuity
A single life annuity is an annuity that pays regular income to an individual after retirement.
Single Life Annuity

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