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Doing some annuity calculations can help you answer these and other important financial questions that will affect the quality of your life in the future – especially if you are approaching retirement age. As the average life span increases, people have more worries about outliving their savings and more and more are considering a lifetime annuity. A lifetime annuity calculator can help you reach a decision.

An annuity calculator can also be used to compare the lifetime annuity offered by one insurance company to that of another. You can predict the growth and payment amount of any lifetime annuity with a lifetime annuity calculator. Even if you already have a lifetime annuity, a lifetime annuity calculator can come in handy to calculate its worth and compare it to other kinds of investments.

Lifetime annuity calculators are becoming increasingly popular and these days they’re easy to find online. Doing annuity calculations with the help of a lifetime annuity calculator is easy and there are many websites from which one can download one. An annuity calculator allows you to do an annuity calculation yourself, without the help of an accountant or insurance salesman. Accountants will charge you a hefty hourly rate for their expertise. And the chief goal of an insurance salesman is likely to be selling you a lifetime annuity that will net him a large commission – not helping you figure out your best financial bets.

If you are the owner of an annuity and your annuity calculations are telling you it won’t meet your needs, you may want to consider selling your annuity in order to explore another investment option or to get rid of your mortgage or other ongoing bills. Remember your monthly income has to take care of your all your bills – mortgage, car loan, credit card debt, personal loans… As you plan for retiring yourself, you may want to think about retiring some of your debt. The lower your monthly payments, the less you need in income.

In order to figure out your best option, you’ll probably have to do a number of financial calculations including an annuity calculation. Annuity calculation should be one of the tools you use to evaluate your financial health and work out your lifetime annuity.

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