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Tax Deferred Annuity

Tax Deferred annuities are a favorite with investors interested in generating a secure and steady income during their retirement years. The biggest difference between a tax deferred annuity and a saving account or certificate of deposit is that, with the former, you wont pay taxes on interest earned until it is actually withdrawn. This allows the interest to compound at a much faster rate than with other forms of savings. For many people its a great investment.

Why Sell Your Tax Deferred Annuity?

Perhaps you are not the original owner of the annuity and you dont want to be tied to someone elses financial plan. Perhaps a tax deferred annuity sounded perfect for you when you purchased it, but your life circumstances have changed. Perhaps you simply want to have more control over your own money. There are a myriad of reasons you may want to sell your tax deferred annuity for a lump sum of cash. Here are just a few:

When is a good time to sell an annuity?

Any time you feel a lump sum of cash would serve your needs better than an annuity payment spread over time. can get you the most cash for your annuity and get it to you quickly. We want you to make the most informed decision possible and our helpful, knowledgeable representatives will be glad to explain your options and answer your questions in plain English.

Well go over the fine print in your tax deferred annuity contract, make sure youre legally able to sell and that its not a variable annuity. Well handle all the paperwork.  Most importantly, well get you the financial freedom you want and deserves by putting a lump sum of cash into your hands – usually in as little as two weeks!

When youre ready to sell your tax deferred annuity, youll find the help you need at  Just complete our brief online form for a free, no obligation quote and get on your way to receiving the cash you need today!