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Secondary Market Annuities

Secondary Market Annuities: A Win-Win Situation

When people sell their annuities or structured settlements in exchange for lump sum payments, they create what is called secondary market annuities. Secondary market annuities can give prospective investors a larger yield than that of typical annuities while, at the same time, giving the original owner of the annuity the lump sum of cash they desire.

One good example of people interested in selling their annuities or structured settlements would be lottery winners. Unlike those who have invested in an immediate annuity, lottery winners may only have an invested a few dollars in lottery tickets and they don’t relish having to wait several decades to be paid their winnings in full. Many would rather have an immediate lump sum payment, even if that payment is smaller than the amount they would stand to collect over the long haul.

Other prime candidates for selling secondary market annuities are people who have been awarded personal injury settlements. It is common for their awards to be structured so as to pay them over a specified number of years or for a lifetime. Yet, often, these victims of someone else’s neglectful or risky behavior have financial obligations that won’t wait. They may have been out of work due to their injuries and have large medical bills and other pressing bills to pay.

People have also changed their mind about wanting to stay invested in annuities or keep their structured settlements for a variety of less dramatic reasons. The rate of return on an annuity may seem fine at the time you buy it but, with inflation, fixed payments lose their buying power over time. Or, you may still be satisfied with your rate of return but a monthly payment just won’t take care of your immediate needs or desires. You may want to…

  • Make a large purchase
  • Consolidate debt and pay it off
  • Pay for home renovations
  • Travel

That’s when you’ll want to find someone who buys secondary market annuities. At, secondary market annuities are our business. We have the cash you need and we’re interested in purchasing your annuity or structured settlement. We know you have good reasons for wanting to trade your long term payments for a lump sum of cash and we will be happy to walk you through paper work that can be tedious and confusing.

We’ll also get you your cash fast, usually within two weeks. Fill in our contact form or call us at 800-306-9841. We’re here for you whenever you want to sell your annuity or structured settlement – whatever the reason.

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