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Low structured settlement payments or structured settlement sales can stifle your ability to invest, make important purchases or simply get on with your life. But provides clients with lucrative lump-sum cash payouts in just a few short weeks.

These payouts help injured parties or claimants who are awarded a settlement agreement by their insurance carrier. Structured settlements are typically distributed to our client over an extended timeframe as small installment payments.

Working with, individuals are able to convert those small payments into one lump sum structured settlement payout to:

  • Finance large automobile or real estate purchases
  • Settle costly medical bills
  • Eliminate high-interest credit card or loan debts
  • Pay for a long-awaited vacation
  • Shift income into higher earning investments
  • Cover unexpected or emergency costs

Many of our clients also deposit their lump sum settlement payment into a savings account for easy access and peace-of-mind.

If you’re receiving periodic fixed payments toward a settlement agreement, lottery win or annuity, you owe it to yourself to see if a lump-sum cash payout is right for you. After completing our online form or calling us at 855-240-8601, an experienced account representative will review the terms of your structured settlement and present your options. We’ll explain everything to you in plain English, so you make the most informed decision possible.

When you agree to our offer, we’ll develop a packet that includes an overview of all of the details along with our contract for review by both you and your attorney. Simply sign and return the contract, and we’ll take care of all administrative tasks from that point on. We forward relevant forms to our attorney to file a petition for court approval, establish the court date and send a notification to you. Finally, your check is printed and mailed to you in just four to six short weeks.

Call 855-240-8601 to discuss your options, today!

What are you waiting for? Contact us today to see if a lump-sum structured settlement payout is right for you. You have nothing to lose.


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